Under The Influence

Whalebone's music has always drawn inspiration from many sources, and none more so than the forthcoming album Mirabilia. But these influences can be deceptive; scratch below the surface and more intricate layers are revealed. Threads intertwine more than you think.

We've always loved Celtic music, but the Celts moved to our shores from Central Europe and North Africa - maybe this explains why when Andy Irvine introduced Eastern European music to Ireland it was readily embraced. 

We're big fans of classic rock, and have covered tunes by British bands such as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones and the bands they in turn inspired, but British rock was heavily influenced by the Blues music coming out of America, which in turn originated from the music of African slaves.

Another strand on Mirabilia is Americana, a development of the Country and Bluegrass which grew from the traditional music taken over by the early settlers from Ireland and Scotland. Influences cross the globe and are constantly being reborn as new music.

With its many intertwined and woven influences, Mirabilia - things of inexplicable origin or form - is an apt title for our forthcoming album. You can pre order 'Mirabilia' here:

Mirabilia Tracklisting

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